A discussion on the moral decaying of society

Yes they know intellectually that that's where babies come from, but they don't feel it in their hearts. Along this line, current U. A study found that divorce rates double when one of the partners starts watching porn [ Shultz ].

But parents hide all that from their children. They will see to it that any school program is sabotaged such that their children will continue to grow up in ignorance. Yet in a study published in AugustUniversity of Portland researchers found that the percentage of college students who reported having sex at least weekly in the past year declined slightly from Bodies and machines are means for acquiring, storing and using knowledge.

A lot of other moral issues get discussed; dishonesty, rudeness, the drug problemand so forth. Father reads aloud from the Bible while mother prepares to dish out a stew of beef and onions.

In so doing, it will make each of its individual members far more aware than they could have been otherwise. But progress in definitely being made, particularly in green energy technology. This applies to eyes, ears, and the senses of touch, smell, and heat. We can improve sexual education in the schools.

First, man amplified his Sensors with the balance, the clock, the telescope, then the microscope. Similarly, in there were only 7. This apparently is never completely possible; therefore, all observation involves error.

For example, a January study published in the American Journal of Medicine found that the American gun homicide rate is 25 times higher than in 22 other high-income nations, and the overall American gun death rate is ten time higher [ SDa ]. Yet a study published in August found that the percentage of college students who reported having sex at least weekly in the past year declined slightly from Therefore, a Moral Society starts at a single star, then fans out into the galaxy that contains the star until a new interstellar joining enables it to dominate the entire galaxy.

This is most aptly illustrated by the computer explosion. Like most topics that get a lot of people hot under the collar, this of course relates primarily to sex.

The Moral Society will be the first social system dependent on human behavior for circumventing this limitation. The recent headlines of racial incidents mask the broader trend downward over time.

The infinite expansion of the Moral Society is only possible if the Society is deliberately expanding its total awareness at its maximum rate at all times.Abortion may be the moral equivalent of AIDS.

Our bodies, though under constant attack from bacteria, viruses, and cancers, can normally keep most or all of these invaders at bay. Moral decay is a relative concept, as it is predicated on a set of morals that may be different depending on the society in question.

As ofthere are some who feel that the current state of affairs in the world is indicative of moral decay. Apr 25,  · There is no real way to have an "objective" morality to judge a society, instead people judge a society by the morality of the society itself.

Savage Thoughts -- Moral Decay in American Society By Leo Savage.

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A favorite hobby of many people for the last few decades is to bemoan the moral. The secularism of Western society has also coincided with the decline in both morality and stability.

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There's more broken homes, single/unwed parents, drugs, and just plain social and moral irresponsibility than we've had in centuries. Society's values are simply evolving, not deteriorating.

Old people, mostly, think that society's values are deteriorating, because they're used to how it used to be, back in the day. Each person's definition of values differs.

A discussion on the moral decaying of society
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